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Intelligent Archiving Go Paperless Intelligently with ARM is the corporate site of a  collection of companies that helps other companies and individuals in transition, see Whether it is a straight forward office relocation, a hospital with a records center, lab equipment and more or a small apartment move, storing or shredding records. Removing the frustration, stress and downtime associated with a relocation, storage, or file room conversion is the goal, please see Alwaysleading. Offering  pragmatic solutions to common issues is the answer. For a secure chain of custody relocation, boxless moving using office gondolas the folks at Admiral Movers are constantly raising the bar by simplifying the relocation process?  Relocating protected information, quickly and securely is what the folks at Admiral Movers do. Expediting the move process is the hallmark of a boxless move, eliminating traditional packing and unpacking allows customers to remain productive right up to move time is a standard. The secure systems innovations detailed at ensure you and your company are compliant. Because of the Gondolas, electronics carts, AirGlide computer carts and other systems employed at Admiral Movers  a location is accomplished in a fraction of the time a normal move takes. Money is saved, effort is reduced and organization is improved. The boxless gondolas allows files, manuals, binders, charts, desk contents and records to be moved in order and accessible throughout the entire process. Your employees and customers will love you and the boss will love the money you save. Since you will avoid the “moving hangover” associated with a box or plastic crate move your company returns to revenue generating activities immediately. Most importantly employing an expert in secure chain of custody relocation your risk management folks, your board, stockholders and managers can rest easy knowing that you are protected. Again the boss will  love you, and because of the reduced stress, and or utilizing off-site storage reduced hassle you will thank yourself.

Many businesses in this day and age need to reduce real estate footprints to reduce costs. Shredding unneeded office paper, and or relocating files off-site can help and Admiral Records Management. The more paper and furniture volume that can be shed reduces the overall cost of the relocation, improving business processes and enables a business to find more austere quarters. Recycling used furnishing, metal or paper is good for the environment and earn you green credits.

Asset management, inventory control, logistics, storage and aid in redeploying less or moving recycling, storing, redeploying or retiring office furnishings maybe what is needed. To see the innovative approaches and ever evolving relocation and records management processes go to

About Scott McNelley

Scott McNelley is a lifelong problem-solver and entrepreneur who uses creativity, ingenuity and hard work to find the best solutions for his moving and storage customers in Alabama and beyond. When a good solution doesn’t already exist, Scott creates one by “Imagineering” new equipment or systems that deliver the results his customers need and deserve. Scott’s first business was a small local moving company that he started while in college and later sold (the company is still in business today). He then started Admiral Movers, which has grown over the years into a much larger office moving firm, now known as “Montgomery’s Only True Office Mover.” With Admiral, Scott took office moving to the next level, by creating several revolutionary techniques and new moving equipment that he conceived and built in direct response to the unmet needs of his customers. Among other office move improvements, Scott created Admiral’s AirGlide℠ Computer Moving and Office Gondola℠ Systems, which together offer a truly “boxless, crateless” moving solution that better protects expensive equipment and gives customers better access to their property before, during and after a move. Encouraged by the success of Admiral Movers, Scott was able to expand his ability to serve his customers by starting two other enterprises: Redwood Properties, a real estate holding company, and Admiral Records Management (ARM), a document management and storage specialty firm and a proven leader in secure information transition, relocation, conversion and storage. Banks, hospitals, government agencies, the military, corporations, and medical practices have come to rely on ARM to maintain privacy, coordinate logistics, and provide the ultimate in protection of their client data. ARM is a natural extension of his work with Admiral, and Scott brought the same creativity and problem-solving ingenuity to the difficulties his customers face when managing their critical business records. With ARM, Scott introduced Intelligent Archiving, an unconventional approach to on-demand document scanning services that makes it easier and less expensive than ever for customers to transition to a fully-paperless office. Intelligent Archiving also safeguards patient privacy and ensures total compliance for customers in the medical and healthcare fields that are making the change. Scott’s efficient and cost-effective solutions have saved his customers money, time, backaches and headaches over the years, and his innovations, along with service that consistently exceeds expectations, are the biggest reasons his customers won’t go anywhere else for office moving or document management and storage assistance. To learn more about how Scott’s passion for creative problem-solving can help your firm with an office move or document management and storage, please visit: Or you can simply email, or call 334-262-6666 today!
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