Take Your Office Paperless with Intelligent Archiving

Intelligent Archiving is the ultimate in scan-on-demand efficiency for clients who need immediate access to records, have multiple locations, have offices in other cities or states, or who are going paperless. Rather than pulling and delivering a file, the file is traced, scanned, and returned to its storage location in Admiral’s protected records center. The file can then be accessed via a secure web connection or delivered to your server, email, or wherever you choose.

Going Paperless
When a business wants to go paperless, the common notion is the need to grab all old files and documents and scan them. This “back-file processing” is just impractical (the cost alone will blind you) when you realize over time you need only 5-10% of the information.

We have the solution. First, implement a paperless system going forward (“day-forward processing”). Second, place your old files in our records center, and, using Intelligent Archiving, Admiral will scan your files when you need them. When you request a file or document we will retrieve, scan and deliver it to you in a digital format. You can then download these files onto your server, document management system, or we can provide you with a disc. Effectively you will be saving money and time by archiving only the documents you need. That’s intelligent.

Intelligent Archiving is the ultimate in killing two birds with one stone. You save time and the cost of shipment or delivery, while at the same time digitally archiving the file. We are here to help you manage the task of dealing with today’s information rich world.

Digital archiving at Admiral is scalable – virtually limitless. InfoKeeper, our client on-line records management software, is web-based and backed up to secure data servers, giving you full control over which documents you want and when. And, because the data is web-based, you only pay for the Internet space you need.

To help make the transition to paperless smooth, efficient, and cost-effective, you can set an automatic destruction date for your paper documents. In addition, having your digitized records on a secure server provides protection in the event of a disaster should the unthinkable occur.

Intelligent Archiving gives you peace of mind knowing you are streamlining operations, increasing productivity, and giving your employees more time to focus their attention on customer satisfaction.

It works like this

    You request a file using our software or through email, fax, or even a phone call
    We locate and pull your record, then digitally scan it
    Your document is uploaded to a secure web portal or to your email
    You can leave it on the web repository, forward it to email, print it, or archive it to your server
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AlwaysLeading is the Corporate Blog Site for The Admiral Companies

AlwaysLeading.com is the corporate blog site for Admiral Movers & Records Management

ARM Admiral Records Management AlwaysLeading.com

Intelligent Archiving Go Paperless Intelligently with ARM

AlwaysLeading.com is the corporate site of a  collection of companies that helps other companies and individuals in transition, see http://www.alwaysleading.com. Whether it is a straight forward office relocation, a hospital with a records center, lab equipment and more or a small apartment move, storing or shredding records. Removing the frustration, stress and downtime associated with a relocation, storage, or file room conversion is the goal, please see Alwaysleading. Offering  pragmatic solutions to common issues is the answer. For a secure chain of custody relocation, boxless moving using office gondolas the folks at Admiral Movers are constantly raising the bar by simplifying the relocation process?  Relocating protected information, quickly and securely is what the folks at Admiral Movers do. Expediting the move process is the hallmark of a boxless move, eliminating traditional packing and unpacking allows customers to remain productive right up to move time is a standard. The secure systems innovations detailed at AlwaysLeading.com ensure you and your company are compliant. Because of the Gondolas, electronics carts, AirGlide computer carts and other systems employed at Admiral Movers  a location is accomplished in a fraction of the time a normal move takes. Money is saved, effort is reduced and organization is improved. The boxless gondolas allows files, manuals, binders, charts, desk contents and records to be moved in order and accessible throughout the entire process. Your employees and customers will love you and the boss will love the money you save. Since you will avoid the “moving hangover” associated with a box or plastic crate move your company returns to revenue generating activities immediately. Most importantly employing an expert in secure chain of custody relocation your risk management folks, your board, stockholders and managers can rest easy knowing that you are protected. Again the boss will  love you, and because of the reduced stress, and or utilizing off-site storage reduced hassle you will thank yourself.

Many businesses in this day and age need to reduce real estate footprints to reduce costs. Shredding unneeded office paper, and or relocating files off-site can help and Admiral Records Management. The more paper and furniture volume that can be shed reduces the overall cost of the relocation, improving business processes and enables a business to find more austere quarters. Recycling used furnishing, metal or paper is good for the environment and earn you green credits.

Asset management, inventory control, logistics, storage and aid in redeploying less or moving recycling, storing, redeploying or retiring office furnishings maybe what is needed. To see the innovative approaches and ever evolving relocation and records management processes go to AlwaysLeading.com.

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Relocating Protected Information Requires Strict Chain Of Custody Procedures

In this day and age most office relocations involve protected information. Recognizing this fact is the first step towards shielding your company from liability. Privacy concerns are prevalent every day and not addressing them opens the entity to liability, both civil and possibly criminal. During a relocation the chances of a breach increase dramatically. The key is to block these possible “opportunities” using very carefully designed chain of custody procedures. Finding a company that has experience can be tough. You are looking a for a specialist, a best in class office mover with a track record in this area. Moreover you are looking for a hybrid office mover and Records and Information Management  or RIM professional. A records manager understands the various privacy laws HIPPA, FACTA etc and how to prevent a violation, the core of their business revolves around this everyday. But, a records manager alone likely will lack the relocation experience to handle an office relocation. You are looking for an entity with both skill sets. Continue reading

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Stanford University Study Shows Obama EHR Not Magic Bullet

Based on new evidence from Stanford University, it looks like electronic medical records (EHR) are not having the promised effects on health care that the federal government hoped they would.  According to an article this week by Rosanne Spector in Stanford’s online news journal (http://med.stanford.edu/ism/2011/january/records.html), researchers performed a national survey of 250,000 patient visits over three years and determined that quality of health care was no better than before the use of EHR. Continue reading

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A Sales Call From A Temp Agency

I am in the privacy business, I am also in the opportunity prevention business. Most identity thefts are enabled by weak controls, and easy opportunity. Perhaps my senses are more easily offended by obvious lapses in judgment, especially when they expose a client to liability. With that being said let me relay a little story to you.

One morning a few weeks back I took a sales call from a temporary employment agency, I knew the fellow so I made time for him. His pitch kind of startled me he said “I have been supplying day labor for a competitor of yours and was hoping I could help you”. I did not really know what to say besides I would keep him in mind. My clients are lawyers, doctors and banks who are under strict rules regarding protecting patient, client, customer privacy. How on earth can I employ a person who was unemployed yesterday and make him a records storage worker or mover the next?

Continue reading

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Information Assets are Key to Disater Recovery

Information assets (Data, Contacts, agreements, financial records etc.) are in fact any entity’s most valuable asset and should be regarded in the same way as any other corporate asset. As such, they must be protected by management. This requires a managerial understanding which integrates business and technological perspectives.

To reference protection is to imply an environment of risk, and therefore management of this risk is necessitated. Continue reading

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